NX Public Repo

NX Public Repo


Framework Update & Server Information Updated: 09/02/2021

Initial design:

ARP3QB is a new QB source for andromeda with converted and updated optimized scripts from our 3X core. Information relating this update can be found on the discord.

The core is based from QB Framework, upgraded and used to optimize our converted scripts from 3X.

  • Hotkeys have changed with the new style framework (You can change them in the keybind settings to your own fitting)
  • Interface and hud views have changed drastically to improve quality performance along with compatibility reasons we could not convert.
  • Vehicle handling has been redone throughout the core and vehicles should feel a bit more balanced.
  • Latency quality improvement
  • New systems for LEO officers to utilize.
  • New systems for Criminals to utilize.
  • New systems and jobs for civilians to utilize.


  • Economy wipe has been confirmed, we do not however have a released ETA on when this will happen however. More information is still developing as we finish up our update.

Current released information based on the wipe:

  1. Civilians will not keep any (Items, Cars, or Housing) MLO based housing can be up for discussion based on the RP further being developed when the story is returned. However this can still change due to the new housing system being put in place.

  2. Civilians will keep businesses and move accordingly via staff on what will be available to them, we are slowly bringing and re-developing current existing businesses to accommodate and possibly balance out further new systems to be put in place.

  3. Civilians will keep their memories of the previous core there will be a lore following up to the storm about a state financial crisis etc.

  4. All new systems and RP style is aimed to be slow burn, imports will not be available on release or early after release. They are planned in the future however properly.

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